• Scarlett Johansson Gets Under The Skin

    Velcro books. You probably have a few: those quiet, quirky novels that you relentlessly recommend. They’re not blockbusters; you most likely stumbled across them by chance. And although you find it difficult to describe precisely why you find them so compelling, you just want other people to h

  • Does Jude Law Do Henry V Justice?

    Image credit: Johan Persson

    Henry V, Act 4, Scene 7. The King of England, engaged in the midst of a bloody battle with France, strides onto the stage with his nobles in tow, having just discovered that, against all codes of military conduct, the French troops have murdered the group of Engli

  • Deathstyle @ The School of Life

    I am afraid of death. Deeply, wibblingly, atheistically afraid. Terrified of losing my consciousness (not to mention my Whistles green silk shirt) forever more. I suspect that I’m not alone, but I’m not entirely sure. Sexual fetishes, political affiliations and personal finances have all become ac

  • The Hollow Crown @ The BBC

    Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more. Only this time bring us proper screen stars. Poirot; The Pope; Loki; that lawyer lass off the telly; that French bird that looks like a ferret. And filmic production values. Gilded tents, monkeys, wibbling lemon posset breats, ye olde stinking

  • Naturally 7 @ Barbican Centre

    Surprisingly, my husband manages to fit in a job other than me. He works for AEG, proud owner of the O2 and other impressively echoey sports and music venues around the world. Pre-husbandisation, he invited his lovely colleague in Berlin, Markus, to attend our wedding with his equally lovely wife an

  • Hamlet @ Young Vic


    Ian Rickson’s new Hamlet at the Young Vic contained a lot of firsts for me. It was the first time I’ve been scared in the ghost scene. Thefirst time I’ve felt genuine danger in the Players’ mouse-trap play. The first time I’ve believed that Hamlet was a neuron-flick from suicide, not j

  • Gerhard Richter @ Tate Modern

    It was a bit of a duty trip. I was suffering a Halloween party hangover and the afternoon was not unpleasantly sliding into a sloth-marathon of Deadwood and hummus on the sofa, but I’d made a resolution to see more contemporary art and this was an easy choice: holding strong on the top five must-see

  • The Great Gatsby

    Reading a really famous book for the first time is a strange experience.

    It has taken me twenty-eight years to get to The Great Gatsby. This alarming fact stems from an early wariness of American classics (Henry James’ earnestness makes me want to laugh; Hemingway’s Ernestness makes me want to sc

  • The Centaur and the Animal @ Sadlers Wells

    I didn’t have many expectations about The Centaur and The Animal. What is one supposed to expect from a show that purports to combine French ‘equestrian theatre’ with one of Japan’s greatest masters of butoh?

    OK, probably not jazz hands.

    Now, I am the sort of girl who regularly drags my reluct

  • Trust Agents

    Disoriented? Intrigued? You’ve just gatejumped.

    As soon as you read this URL in the International Journal of Advertising, and typed it into your web browser, you participated in the fundamental principle behind Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s Trust Age

  • La Bête @ Comedy Theatre

    I was in need of a giggle.

    Sure, Michael Attenborough’s production of Through A Glass Darkly at the Almeida had its moments of bleak, Bergmanesque humour: sad, saline little drops of drollery about the half-vulnerable, half-ruthless self-centredness of us all. Lol.

    And yes, Moira Buffini’s ne

  • Gifford’s Circus

    I’ve never been the most acrobatic of Blondes. By the age of thirteen my limbs were already outstripping my nervous system, and my favourite part of school gymnastics was that bit at the end of a manoeuvre (my repertoire is forward, backward or teddy roll) where you stand up, curve your back, and sn